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 Starclub interview, April 2008

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PostSubject: Starclub interview, April 2008   Tue May 13 2008, 18:34

So this was done just a few days before poor Bill got sick! Sorry for the bad English, I didn't translate it, a friend did and well...she's good at French but her english is ehh...

While touring, TH have opened the doors of their suites to STAR Club for
a half hour long interview. Relaxed but already tired, they later had to cancel Douai appointment because Bill was… (not readable) That evening, nevertheless, TH have told us how they are preparing for Parc des Princes in Paris. They jitter, the greats!

Bill: “That other bands leave us alone!”

STAR Club: How are you doing? Does this tour go well?
Bill: Yes, it does. We are still a little bit tired. We’ve just got up, it is 14:30, but it’s ok.

Did you party yesterday?
Tom: We would have loved … But no. On tour, it is concert, dinner and beddy-byes (sleep) … We have to keep up with the stress of the concerts. After that, we stay up rather late, we are among us talking. We do not go to bed before 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. We are night owls.

You are on stage in the evening, fans arrive in the morning. Does that surprise you?
Bill: We hallucinate, you mean! It seems that some girls have slept outside at Bercy, to be closer.
Tom: They should have been freezing to death because I was cold even under the duvet.

You have renounced singing in English?
Bill: In France, we only sing in German because our fans do not like our English versions. But in Brussels, we sing everything in English. In other countries, we mix English and German. It is quite complicated and one is always afraid to mix brushes. But we make it!

Does it happen to you to have lapse of memory?
Bill: No!
Tom: Yeah? And the Zenith of Paris?
Bill: Yeah, it’s true; I sang twice the same couplet of a song.
Georg: Anyway, when he has a lapse, he only has to move the microphone to the public and girls sing in his stead.

And the approaching of the Parc des Princes, does it give you stage fright?
Bill: We do not stop thinking about it. We are very impatient to be enormous there. For us, this is an immense honour to make such a huge venue. We will make it a very special evening for our fans. But you will not know anything more before June 21!

In fact, your French fans get a lot of things: the date change for the Parc des Princes because of exams, an extra concert in their region…
Bill: It’s great! We have an added concert in Dijon and that is thanks to our fans. Ditto in the West. However, we have already gone there during our last tour. And we would come back for the next!
Tom: Continue to make demonstrations and petitions. That’s how we love you. You are too strong and too rebellious! (He raises his fist…) Fight for your rights.

You are going to release a new album. That’s going to be pressure?
Bill: No, we are not afraid. Not because we are sure of ourselves, but because we know that if we put pressure, we won’t work well.
Tom: It sucks to be afraid and trying to work too quickly. We do not work in the rush. We will take the time for this third album. We want to get out of the studio with something that looks like ours as much as the previous two albums.
Bill: Anyway, the pressure was much stronger for the second because after the success of the first, it was necessary to prove that it was not a one shot.

Do you release one last single before?
Bill: It’s possible. We talk about it but it is not yet sure … But there will be no clip, because we will not have time.

Considering the time to do this album, would you be able to disappear from the newspapers for six months?
Tom: Frankly? We would love to!
Bill: There is no need to give interviews to be in the press. It’s enough to be on holiday for three weeks in the Maldives!
Tom: That would give us a little rest to do nothing else than our album!
Bill: There will always be a hidden photographer or a new story. In Germany, without interview for three months, the magazines were full of invented ones.
Georg: Anyway, as the recording of the album will coincide with our promo in new countries, we will not disappear completely.

There are no new rumours about you?
Bill: We avoid reading them and we don’t have time. New rumours, we hear about them in interviews. Are there any new ones in France?

Nothing… Unless you are in love?
All: No!

Could you change your look for the next album?
Bill: Our looks are not made according to our albums. Rather, according to our wishes. So we will see …
Tom: If actually, Georg will have a new haircut at the Parc (des Princes) or he will be naked!

It is said that you are making rock music for girls. Do you want to broaden your audience?
Bill: Those are jealous people! If all bands could have fans as special as ours, they would leave us alone a little bit!
Tom: When it is a critique on our music, we listen. But you do not criticise our fans! They are the best. But I understand… If I were them, I would be jealous too!

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PostSubject: Re: Starclub interview, April 2008   Mon Aug 04 2008, 16:17

Tom: Continue to make demonstrations and petitions

he said that petitions they see them so we maltese mneed to do many petitions for them to coem i think!
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Starclub interview, April 2008
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