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 fan problems solved by the guys

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PostSubject: fan problems solved by the guys   Thu Apr 24 2008, 17:25

Although it's old, it's definitely worth a read. Have a look at a TH article from "Hitkrankt 13". Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tokio Hotel are gonna solve all your problems!

Are you in love with Bill and don't know what to do? Or do want the same hair as Tom? The boys themselves give the solution to the problems of their fans.

Problem 1
I am in love with Bill, but will probably never meet him.
Bill: Oh, I don't know what to say to this. If you really are in love with me you should….(Bill is thinking) Maybe you should come to one of our concerts and maybe I'll see you there then.

Tom: I actually wanna say something to this: you should be in love with me. Then it will all be alright!

Bill: Maybe you should just think to yourself that I am just a normal guy like any other. Does that heal a little bit of your broken heart?

Problem 2
I am a Tokio Hotel fan and my class mates that are not tease me about it.
Bill: I think you just shouldn't respond to it and just take it.

Tom: Bill and I where also teased in school by people that hated us and that almost didn't influence us. For that matter, I am actually proud of the fact that I wasn't like the rest of the class. Bill and I thought it was more important to do other stuff, we didn't wanted to be wannabees. Being teased can clearly also have a positive effect. Just look at us.

Problem 3
My parents won't let me go to a Tokio Hotel concert!
All four together: That is bullshit!

Tom: Our parents always allowed us to go to concerts. I was nine when I went to my first live concert and think everyone should have that freedom.

Bill: It is also stupid to forbid something like that, cause fans will eventually find a way to go to the concert.

Georg: The best is just to let your children free in this. To let them decide if they wanna go to a concert or not.

Tom: You know what I want? I wanna talk with the parents of our fans about this. Just give me their addresses, I will solve this.

Gustav: Exactly, just let them contact us, we will arrange something.

Problem 4
I want the same hair as Tom, how do I do that?
Georg: Oh, that is difficult!

Tom: And he is even right for once. I have really smooth hair from myself and it is costing me a lot of trouble to keep it up every day. For one thing, you have to turn it again every day and I have a special spray to keep it well. What's in it, I won't tell, just know that I have been working on it in my little laboratory for hours (laughs). At least it is specially made for me and it is an awful lot of work. How long do I have it this way?

Georg: Just smell it, then you know!

Tom: I think about ten or eleven years.

Problem 5
I am not allowed to hang Tokio Hotel posters in my room.
Bill: I used to have my room filled with it.

Tom: Exactly, he even had posters of me. Then he would make pictures of me and have them printed large and hang them on his wall.

Bill: Ach, halt die klappe! (Shut up!) That is not true…but I think everyone should have been fan of someone in there lives, meaning you also should have your room filled with posters. As a parent you should just allow that. They have been fan of someone too in there lives, right? I always used to love listening to the music of my favourite band in my room.

Tom: Used to? He still does that!

Problem 6
Where can I buy the cool clothes the boys wear?
Tom: If you wanna look like Georg, all you have to do isn't wash yourself for a month and then your done.

Georg: For example, yes.

Tom: And Bill? You really don't wanna look like that, do you?

Bill: I always buy my clothes at second hand stores, that's where you can get the most awesome clothes. So my tip is looking there if you want my look.

Problem 7
I feel bad because Gustav and Georg get less attention than Bill and Tom. Tom: Do you know why that is? They talk less and are more quiet then Bill and me. It would also be bad if they start talking more, cause they just don't know how to say what they mean. Have you ever heard these two talk German? It is just awful. There English is dramatic but there German is actually just as bad!

Bill: Georg and Gustav are just more quiet and don't look for the attention. We have gotten used to it, it's just how it goes.

Georg: I also feel comfortable with it and…(long pause),

Bill: That's all he can say

Gustav: He is just using our typical answer: I feel comfortable with it.

Problem 8
I would love to talk to Tokio hotel but I don't know German
Bill: You can also talk English to us. Now we can speak it just a little.

Tom: We know just enough to talk to fans….

Bill: …and make short conversations

Tom: We actually know just enough

Bill: But we are working on improving it. We are going more often to America and England now so it is easier if you can speak the language
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PostSubject: Re: fan problems solved by the guys   Thu Apr 24 2008, 17:44

ohhhh goddd thanks ever so much for thiss!!


x.x why do i think about you all the time... when youre not even mine...?? x.x
</3 im sick of faking a smile while listening to other pplѕ love stories </3
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PostSubject: Re: fan problems solved by the guys   Thu Apr 24 2008, 18:58

it is just awesome hehe
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PostSubject: Re: fan problems solved by the guys   Fri May 02 2008, 12:33

cutie Very Happy:D:D
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PostSubject: Re: fan problems solved by the guys   Wed Jul 09 2008, 12:18

I like!! I still think georg and gustav should get more attention though!
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PostSubject: Re: fan problems solved by the guys   

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fan problems solved by the guys
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