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 An interwiew by the swidish xD

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PostSubject: An interwiew by the swidish xD   Mon Apr 07 2008, 21:13

-So when are you coming to Sweden for a concert?

Tom: We have to take a look at that one. Right now weīre doig extra concerts around Europe so weīre kinda busy. Then weīre gonna have two weeks vacation. But itīs a part of our plans, so we would be very happy to come.

-Are you afraid of playing in smaller arenas where the amount of people arenīt as high as in Germany and France?

Tom: No, not at all! We have played in smaller clubs through the years. A big arena has some great things about them and smaller ones has awsome things about them too. But to be honest we like big arenas. But if weīre coming to Sweden we wouldnīt have anything against playing in a smaller place.

-You have achieved so much, what are your dreams now?

Tom: To play in Sweden!

-Alot of fans are worried that you are so thin, do you eat properly at tour?

Bill: Haha, so we donīt look healthy you mean?! How mean! No, but really we eat alot on tour and itīs sometimes very stressfull so we tend to look very tired at pictures. But thereīs no need to worry, we eat and sleep well!

-Do you ever miss your old lives?

Tom: No, not at all!

Bill: Even if this life can be hard sometimes, still, itīs this we want to do! Tom: Bill and I really hate the thought of a normal life! The few times weīre on a vacation, like once a year, we get nervous and stuff and we want to get back to work. Thatīs why we have some extra shows planned.

-Are you still singles?

Tom: Yepp,yepp,yepp!

-Arenīt you worried that youīre gonna meet girls whoīs just liking you for your fame and not for the ones you truly are?

Tom:No, as long as I have girls that cares about me, it doesnīt matter for me WHY they care!

-What kind of music do you listen to at this moment?

Bill: I donīt like hitmusic that much and doesnīt keep up with that kind of stuff. I have been listening to the same music in many years now. I like Green Day and Coldplay.

Georg: Oasis.

Gustav: Foo Fighters latest album.

Tom: 50 Cents new album. And then alot of other bands that you probably donīt know about in Sweden.

-Who is the nicest of all the famous people you have met?

Bill: We donīt meet alot of famous people actually. Now and then we run in to eachoter on galas and stuff but itīs often so fast meetings beacuse then they have to go to an interview and things like that. So you really never get to know anyone. But the one I enjoyd meeting the most was Nena beacuse Iīve liked her since I was little.

-Could you ever think of moving away from Germany?

Bill: I can speak for all of us and say that we are born and raised here. We have our roots in Germany. But we really like to travel. But we will always return to Germany to live here.

-Do you read everything thatīs written about you in papers?

Bill: We donīt read everything all the time, thatīs not possible. There are so many rumors being spread all the time, especially now since weīve grown big around Europe. So no, we donīt read it all. Sometimes we stay at some gas station and looking around a bit in the papers. But we try to just smile and laugh at it all.

-So whatīs happening now in early 2008?

Tom: We have had so many things planned before so now we donīt really know. We released a Live-DVD in November. But our goal is to play in so many countrys as possible. But we have leave it all open for now and nothing is settled. But we also want to get back into the studio and play!

-Ok. Have a good time now!

Everybody: Yes! Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!
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An interwiew by the swidish xD
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