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 Interview by the Uk Street Team

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PostSubject: Interview by the Uk Street Team   Mon Apr 07 2008, 21:00


Now you know about ĎCaps off for Charityí, can we expect to see Tom's naked bonce anytime soon?

Tom: I canít answer that in general. It depends on the charity. But I guess I can say that if I would ever do it, it would create inner peace for most women (laughs).

In Islington, Gustav kept his shirt on and Bill didn't flash the tattoo. Can we have some flesh next time? Pretty please?

Tom (laughs): Bill and I told Gustav and Georg that itís really better for them to keep their shirts on Ė especially when they want to get any chance with the ladies Ö

Does anyone in the band snore?

All: Gustav does.

Bill: If you don't go anywhere without your laptop, what do you use it for the most?

Bill: Most of all I need it to just check my e-mails all the time.

Georg - How do you pull off being laid back in such a hectic lifestyle?

Georg: Iím a very calm person. I like to kick back and watch things around me from a distance. Thatís just how I am even when it becomes hectic.

Gustav - How do you prepare for a performance? Those drums must take an incredible amount of energy.

Gustav: Before a show I tape my fingers, then I play to warm up my muscles. Because youíre right, playing the drums is very energetic and you need to be in good condition. I always compare it with being an athlete in professional sports (laughs). You have to work your technique as well as take care of your body.
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Interview by the Uk Street Team
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