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 Love Test :)

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PostSubject: Love Test :)   Mon Apr 07 2008, 20:50

The 4 guys are given few questions, and each questions there are 4 answer to choose:

1. When you meet a girl you first look at…
a) …The eyes – Bill Gustav
b) …The breast – Tom
c) …The ass – Georg
d) …The whole picture.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
a) Yes, of course – Bill
b) It already happened to me
c) I believe in it, but it hasn’t happened to me yet
d) No, that doesn’t exist. You have to get to know a person first – Tom Georg Gustav

3. The most important thing in a relationship is…
a) …Honesty – Bill Georg Gustav
b) …Trust – Bill Georg Gustav
c) …Fun – Tom Georg
d) …Soulmateship

4. What is for you a perfect night with your girlfriend?
a) Making it comfortable at home… - Georg
b) Going to a restaurant and after that to the movies
c) Going to party together with our friends – Bill Tom
d) Every night with her is a joy – Gustav

5. You always fall in love…
a) …with the wrong one
b) …with difficult girls - Bill
c) …not very often – Bill Tom Georg Gustav
d) …very often over and over again

6. When you are in love, then…
a) …you feel like you can handle the whole world
b) …you are holding back and think about what could happen
c) …you constantly think about if she likes you as much as you like her
d) …you constantly think about her and talk about her – Bill Gustav

7. Romance is…
a) …wonderful and necessary in a relationship - Bill
b) …overestimated (over rated?) - Tom
c) …sometimes nice
d) …ok, since the girls like it so much – Georg Gustav

8. It’s the first date with a girl: what are you going to do?
a) I make a candle light dinner for her - Gustav
b) We go to the movies together
c) I ask her to come over, we’ll see what happens… - Bill Tom Georg
d) We’ll go to a go-kart race. That’s just fun

9. Your ex-girlfriends will describe you as…
a) …honest and loyal – Georg
b) …exciting and a leader
c) …romantic and free
d) …adventurous and open – Bill Tom
Gustav: no opinion

10. On a party your girlfriend flirts with some guys. How do you react?
a) No matter! I trust her – Tom Gustav
b) I’ll just wait and watch what’s gonna happen - Georg
c) I go over there and distract her from the guys
d) I’ll ask her what the hell she is doing – Bill

11. How do you handle a broken heart?
a) I get drunk
b) I lock myself in my room
c) I am hooking up with new girls - Georg
d) I talk with friends – Bill Georg
Gustav: listens to music

12. You find out that your best friends girl is cheating on him. What do you do?
a) I tell him – Bill Tom Georg
b) I tell her to tell him, or I will do it for her..
c) I think about what to do first
d) I won’t get involved in that. That’s their business
Gustav: I wait till he finds out himself

13. Your girlfriend tells you that she has cheated on you. How do react?
a) I break up with her – Bill Tom Georg
b) I talk with her and ask her why – Gustav: …and after that break up with her
c) I come clean (confront?) to the other guy (correct me if I’m wrong) - Bill
d) When I really love her, I’ll forgive her

14. You fall in love with the girlfriend of your best friend, what now?
a) I have to forget her – Bill Tom Georg Gustav
b) I tell it to my friend - Bill
c) Girls are more important then friends
d) I tell her how I feel and let her make the decision…

15. After the break up your ex starts telling intimate things and untrue stories about you. How do you react?
a) She wish she hadn’t done that. I know many more painful stories about her - Tom
b) I tell her to cut it with the crap - Bill
c) I don’t care. My friends don’t believe her anyway – Gustav Georg
d) I’ll pull a trick on her she won’t forget in a long time

16. In the hotel elevator you have a good conversation with a nice girl. When she gets out she gives you her phone number. What do you do?
a) Nothing!
b) I’ll ask the boys what to do… - Bill
c) I have to know her and ask her to dinner - Gustav
d) Sounds like an adventure! I’ll call her – Tom Georg

17. What do you think about one-night-stands?
a) Why not, I think it’s ok – Tom Gustav: sometimes
b) Never!! - Bill
c) When both agree on it I think it’s ok - Georg
d) Maybe baby…

18. A friend talks about his sex life and the girls he slept with. How do you respond?
a) That’s just painful (to listen to) and I will tell him that too – Gustav
b) I think it’s childish but when he likes that…
c) I tell him he hurts the feelings of the girls with his talking
d) Why not? It’s just entertaining… - Bill Tom Georg Gustav

19. Which one of these girls is your favourite?
a) Angelina Jolie – Bill Tom Georg
b) Avril Lavigne
c) Jessica Alba – Gustav
d) Rihanna
e) Eva Longoria – Georg Gustav
f) Shakira
g) Gulcan
h) Ashley Olsen – Bill Tom Georg

Ohhh That's My bill >>

7. Romance is…
a) …wonderful and necessary in a relationship - Bill
b) …overestimated (over rated?) - Tom
c) …sometimes nice
d) …ok, since the girls like it so much – Georg Gustav
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Number of posts : 801
Age : 25
Location : Valletta
Job/hobbies : Tokio Hotel :D
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PostSubject: Re: Love Test :)   Mon Apr 07 2008, 20:50

These are the conclusions but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, so here is just a quick review:

Bill - the romantic one
He is looking for true love and doesn’t even wanna know about one night stands.
He believes in love at first sight and personality and loyalty and the most important.
His girlfriend has to accept his friends and support his carreer.

Tom - the leader
So, Tom is more open and direct then his twin brother, he seems like the guy that doesn’t let feelings inside. Love has to develop for him. Tom is very open to one-night-stands. Until he meets the love of his life he wants to be free. If you have cheat on him he could become bitter and turn on you.

Georg - the careful one
At first he will hold back and observe. True love has to build. He wants to know everything about his dreamgirl first before he gives his heart away. In the meantime Georg hasn’t got anything against erotic adventures. In a relationship he wants secureness and relaxation. He is very positive and always keeps negative feelings under control. because he is loyal, cheating would definitly be a reason to break up.

Gustav - the thinker
Gustav doesn’t respond immediatly to female attention, but if the girl is persistant he will come around very fast.
When he falls in love he wants it all, the butterflies, sleepless night etc.
He wants to feel safe with his partner, he wants to know what he is coming home to.
Disloyalty is something he can’t live with.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Test :)   Tue May 13 2008, 17:30

waaaaaaaaaaaa i love demmmmmm xD
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PostSubject: Re: Love Test :)   

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Love Test :)
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