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 bill's first e-mail interview after opp

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PostSubject: bill's first e-mail interview after opp   Sun Apr 06 2008, 20:36

Bill has had his first email interview since the operation!a translation by Ica!

Scream entered the Canadian Music Charts at no. 6! Looking very prosperous!

UK Street Teamer Liz is doing a 10 days silence for as long as Bill has to remain silent! As well as great publicity in the UK, the sponsorship she receives is going to fund some of the UK meet-up costs!

BILD: How do you feel Bill?

Bill: “Well, I've had better times in my life but i'm okay. I'm very happy that it's behind us now. But I'm still scared about what will happen to my voice and what after injuries. For me it's more about the voice and not if it hurts or not.”

BILD: How did you experience the operation?

Bill: “When I got the narcose right before the operation the doctors where already around me. I was scared that the narcose wouldn't have any effect and that they would operate on me anyway. The thought of someone cutting in your throat isn't that nice. But right before the operation started the narcose started to work and then I didn't notice anything any longer.”

BILD: How was it to see your sibling Tom afterwards?

Bill: “ When Tom came in to the room where I woke up to visit me I still had a big bag of drop in my arm. Since both me and Tom hate shots it was hard for us not to laugh – but I'm still not allowed to laugh. I also had this horrible white robe on and a green hat on my head. It looked like I just had jumped out of some bad hospital series.” xD

BILD: How do your days look like now?

Bill: “Recently I watched a movie called “ An interview with the vampiers”. When I'm not watching a movie Tom has to be by my side since he always knows what I want to say. If someone asks a question I just have to look at Tom and he'll answer just like if it would have been me. Without Tom I would have got a very sore arm/hand from all the writing.”

BILD: How often do you still have to visit the hospital?

Bill: “I have to go there a couple of more times for examinations and after that my voice rehabilitation starts”.


x.x why do i think about you all the time... when youre not even mine...?? x.x
</3 im sick of faking a smile while listening to other pplѕ love stories </3
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PostSubject: Re: bill's first e-mail interview after opp   Fri May 02 2008, 12:35

=( mikijnu
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PostSubject: Re: bill's first e-mail interview after opp   Tue May 13 2008, 17:22

mikkinn il qalbijj tijaj Sad gws puccolijnuw!
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PostSubject: Re: bill's first e-mail interview after opp   

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bill's first e-mail interview after opp
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